Mid-Valley Voice Artists is a Site Dedicated to Local Voice Over talent

And It All Starts Here

The Mid-Willamette Valley is growing in many aspects of the production industry, including the demands for voice over talent! Website builders/designers is just one area voice over talent is in great demand. Understand Mid-Valley Voice Artists is NOT a talent agency. We simply produce Voice Demo Reels for all types of voices and place them on a single site where web builders, producers and audio book creators can listen to those who are on the site. We are right now in the process of gathering and recording that pool of voices. For a limited time we are offering an entry level voice demo reel recording session for $400.00. Plus cost of SFX! (Approximately $50.00).  This to include the writing for your Commercial Spots, Industrial Narrative and coaching and training you on how to work with the microphone, how to acclimate to recording studio environments and how to negotiate pay rates. To add your voice to the Talent Pool (Voice) button above... Contact us

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