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Learn first the mechanics of Filmmaking

And a disciplined filmmaker will create with confidence

I’ve known Rick for over 20 years. In that time I have had the opportunity to work with him on numerous film projects. In every instance he has proven himself not just a master of his craft, but as a person with a strong work ethic, integrity and knowledge. Producing short-film projects such as Rock Bottom, Angels Wings and Chryzinium are just a few of the simple projects he uses to train the new-to-industry aspiring filmmaker. Something he gladly does, born out of his passion for the craft.

Deborah W. Bee Dumpling Makeup

Learning the art of On-Camera acting has been compared to the great reveal of one's own psyche; as though spilling your inner most thoughts while lying on a psychiatrists couch. Learning to be real in an imaginary world is the secret to On-Camera Acting! And it all starts with a simple desire to perform. Matchlight Films can help you get started. If you reside in Oregon, Mid Willamette Valley, Sign up for one of our comprehensive On-Camera Acting classes. See below for our next scheduled session. Until then, check out our getting started book...


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Winter/Spring 2021


If the World is indeed our Stage... Let's learn to Act like it