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I’ve known Rick for over 20 years. In that time I have had the opportunity to work with him on numerous film projects. In every instance he has proven himself not just a master of his craft, but as a person with a strong work ethic, integrity and knowledge. Producing short-film projects such as Rock Bottom, Angels Wings and Chryzinium are just a few of the simple projects he uses to train the new-to-industry aspiring filmmaker. Something he gladly does, born out of his passion for the craft.

Deborah W. Bee Dumpling Makeup

Learning the art of On-Camera acting has been compared to the great reveal of one's own psyche; as though spilling your inner most thoughts while lying on a psychiatrists couch. The art of being real in an imaginary world is the secret to On-Camera Acting! And it all starts with a simple desire to perform. Matchlight Films can help you get started. If you reside in Oregon, Mid Willamette Valley, Sign up for one of our comprehensive On-Camera Acting classes. See below for our next scheduled session. Until then, check out our getting started book...


Next 8 Week Scheduled Class Session Begins

Monday September 10, 2018  7 to 10 P.M.

The Power of Monologues

As an experiment, we took a 5/8 page monologue and put it to work. With Lights Camera Action, on a set, as a film production, the test was simple, what can a fairly short monologue become and what value can be garnered from such an endeavor? The takeaway was easy. The Single partial page monologue performed  became a very valuable asset; proving the actor could take words from a piece of paper and breath life into them to the point of creepy. While monologues are often tools used to showcase an actors' talents, they are many times misunderstood as nothing more than pros spilling forth as though competing in a speed-reading contest via Evelyn Wood. 

The Monologue


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