Unsolicited Materials Submissions Policy

Matchlight Films, LLC together with any of its subsidiaries (the "Companies") can not accept unsolicited material. Any unsolicited pitches, outlines, scripts, etc will not be read and will be discarded. Any electronic messages will not be read and will be deleted.


The purpose of this policy is to avoid potential misunderstandings, disputes or accusations that the Company has misappropriated unsolicited material. The Company recommend that you find an agent or attorney to represent you and your work. If you choose to submit anyway, the Companies will not be obligated to treat your submission as confidential or proprietary.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation with our policy.  If you have any questions, please contact Info@MatchlightFilms.com

Matchlight Films LLC is a non-union Company.  All inquiries concerning benefits and/or payments due will be agreed upon by prior by contract/deal memo only.  

Please note, a regular audition process is mandatory for any and all parts and will determine the hiring of said job by talent expertise  and/or specific look only.