Many Hats to Wear

We all know Frank Waynefeld of Chryzinium Chronicles… The man who is constantly lied too. The man who is drugged out of his mind… But, do we know Frank Waynefeld the cameraman? Or Frank Waynefeld the grip? Or Frank Waynefeld the caterer? Bologna and cheese sandwiches, anyone? Let it be thoroughly understood, the indie film world has little room for egomaniacal, diva-type personalities. That is unless one has little interest in actually completing the production. One hour, your star is on the trailer… The next hour, a C-Stand and 2X3 double scrim is in hand while racing to the set before the light changes. No one escapes the call of “All Hands on Deck” on the day of filming. Once a task is completed, there is always another just waiting for attention. May I offer a special blessing to all of those who understand this simple principal? Click photo for Season 2 Chryzinium Chronicles.


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