Making the Story Believable

Actors call it sourcing, which simply means they learn and develop everything they can about the character they are hired to portray. That bit of homework even requires creating not only the here and now of the character, but also a solid future and backstory. It is the actor’s commitment to the character that creates the believability of the person they are pretending to be. The same goes for the overall story itself. With little to no budget for a film project to work with, developing a sense of reality is ten times more challenging. The still photos of a long past history can hopefully help suspend that world of disbelief. And do such for just pennies on the dollar. But, what if those photos don’t exist? One must authenticate by illusion. Make it real with props, staging and wardrobe… Take an iphone shot of the creation and viola, 1938 Germany exists. Thank you Corban College for the use of your stage equipment storage building! Click On Picture to go to Chryzinium Chronicles You Tube Channel


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