Episodic Filming, Chryzinium Chronicles

Updated: Feb 6, 2019

Canon Xa10 versus Alexa SXT EV

Since the hundred thousand dollar plus price tag for the Alexa SXT was just a tad out of our price range, we made the executive decision to shoot our Episodic "Chryzinium Chronicles" season 2 on the eleven hundred dollar Canon Xa10. We had a story but, like most wannabe indie filmmakers, we had no moola, which in its own right, became the making of a perfect storm... A fiery plane crash before ever leaving the runway... Little crew to speak of... No real lighting instruments, Actors who quit with no notice... And story lines that had to be altered or completely re-written on a daily basis. Eighteen Episodes later and over a year and a half in production, the project became a feat of sheer willpower and stubborn insanity . Could it actually be completed? And could we finish without killing each other? More to come on this little memoir in a few days... Till then Check out Season 2 Chryzinium Chronicles on YouTube.

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