A Foul Weather look

One would assume that living in the Pacific Northwest; needing rain for a scene would be easy. Not so much. Any indie filmmaker with even the slightest amount of experience knows, filming on an overcast day is the one gift that keeps on giving! No weird shadows to deal with and no chasing the clock. What we needed was overcast. What we got instead were thin layers of clouds and sun. Lots of sun. What we wanted was rain and not just any rain but, rain the camera would be able to capture. Once rain is established then rain it must, for the duration of the scene. The rain nozzle we made became the star of the show. With a little five dollar rig, we got rain when and where we needed it… After all, continuity is everything in this biz. Episodes 17 and 18 took 3 days spread over 3 weekends to shoot. Click on image to watch Chryzinium Chronicles season 2.


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