Internships are open to all:

  • Collegiate Undergraduate and Graduate (MBA, MFA) students currently enrolled in an accredited educational institution. 

  • Collegiate Undergraduate students should be going into their junior or senior year.  Waivers of this requirement are considered on a case-by-case basis and will be granted based on experience, ability, and the personal interview.

  • Graduate students must have completed their first year.

  • Compensation TBD (Based on Prior Experience)

Talent Submissions

All persons interested in acting in a Matchlight Films Production are welcome provided you are cast based on an audition. Additional Requirements are as follows:

  • Submit a Headshot (Digital Image okay)

  • Submit a resume (Even if no experience)

  • Submit stat sheet (Height, waist, shirt, pant, coat, hat sizes

  • Be available to work the hours and/or days agreed upon

  • Have guaranteed transportation to and from the set

  • Provide a signed deal memo

  • Observe all on-set rules and regulations (Set Etiquette)


Talent Submissions:

Production Inquiries call: