Rick Lord
SInce 2010
Since 1993


Three simple principals that have made Matchlight Films what it is today

To Create compelling and inspiring storylines

     To Film, focusing on light, composition and motion

     To Teach others a craft that has the ability to impact so many  


Filmmaker and Author, Rick Lord has defied the laws of literary progression. Where most authors seek to have their work enter the world of feature film, Rick has chosen to travel in reverse. His creation, Chryzinium the short film came first. Then the book, Chryzinium, The Lazarus VI Project followed directly behind.

Born in Southern California, Rick was raised in Chatsworth, California where he attended Chatsworth High School. Fellow Chatsworth high school students include Val Kilmer, Candice Cameron-Bure, Mare Winningham among others.

However, it wasn't until he returned from his tour in the Marines and moved to Portland Oregon, did Rick make for himself a place in performing arts. Continually stimulated by imagination and drive, Rick strives for creativity with unrelenting passion and diligence.