Heaven, a rural mid-west farming town, is home to Danny and Rebecca Banick. Danny is a Staff Sargent in the Army, serving in Afghanistan. Rebecca tends to their newly purchased farm, while Danny is on deployment. That is until Danny is tragically killed in the line of duty.

Rebecca’s farm life is suddenly turned upside down.  Over the years, she has become despondent and lives without hope. That is until the arrival of an unsuspecting visitor. Unbeknownst to Rebecca, a miraculous turn of events reveals secrets that change her life forever.   

Supernatural Drama

Up to Date...

  • November 02 2020 - 8 Miles script completed

  • November 03 2020 - 8 Miles printed and passed to 11 beta readers

  • November 13 - All scripts returned from Beta readers

  • December 05 2020 - Revision 13J completed. Doctored and Polished

  • December  10 2020 - Script filed with Library of Congress. (Copyright)

Principal Photography begins Summer of 2021