Heaven is a rural mid-western farming town with a population of 825. It is home for Kathryn and Paul Adams. Paul's dream from youth, was to own his own farm. A dream finally comes true after years of military service.
It isn't until after their move, they realize they are not well accepted into the community. They are the first black family to ever live that close to Heaven. The trials and tribulation of small-town racist ridicule is taking its toll on the couple. It is when Paul is tragically killed, life for Kathryn drastically changes. 
Depression, anxiety and grief has since driven Kathryn into seclusion. She has become despondent and has grown suspicious concerning her husbands death. That is until the arrival of an unsuspecting visitor; Kathryn becomes the recipient of a gift, like no other! 
                                             In development/projected release date September 2020

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